You business is not like any other business. You do something that is you distinct contribution. The great advantage of this uniqueness also means that often you will have to conquer unique challenges.

This is exactly where we come in, to help you meet the challenge and the opportunity that is presented. We will consult an plan strategies, and then design to accomplish the strategic plans and deliver the outcomes you seek.

Spindle Motion Style.

The main two variations of style are either a Moving Portal, or a moving beam. The moving beam runs on an elevated axis, whilst the portal style runs on beams near the floor. Either style produces good results though as the Z axis travel increases there is an inherent flexibility in the portal style which tends to render a moving beam style more effective.

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This is a Router


ProjecMoving Table Style.

In this style the job moves under the spindle, the structural elements can be heavy without affecting performance and the overall dynamics are sound. The major disadvantage is the low floor space utilisation, a 10 metre machine requires 20 metre of floor.

The other main advantage of the spindle motion styles MP or MT is the ease at which you could purchase a 10 metre machine this year and extend it to a 20 metre machine at price per metre which is highly competitive.

Quotation available for 60 metre x 9 metre x 4 metre.


Routers are similar in execution to mills except that there are a few differences. B&A routers though are built utilising high precision equipment and subsystems. Whilst you are buying a router, you are when you purchase from B&A, buying a light weight mill. Precision components high end CNC equipment from a leading international group, linear bearings from Japan Ball screws from Germany, design manufacture installation and service from innovative Australian companies.


Various form of routers are used today for a range of complex tasks.

This complexity is extended with software driven routers capable of delivering results on more than one axis. The greater the number of axis the greater the complexity of the tasks that can be undertaken.


The degree of tolerance in another area to be considered in a router.



5 Axis Router Types

The two main distinctions for the 5 Axis routers relate to the spindle motion, either the spindle passes over the job or the job moves past the spindle.

Different applications require the alternative approach. 


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