Basic design principles at Barrington and Associates are built on the idea that Form Follows Function. For almost all our project function means optimal throughput, fine tolerance levels and an economically justifiable base.

The Point of Difference

You business is not like any other business. You do something that is you distinct contribution. The great advantage of this uniqueness also means that often you will have to conquer unique challenges.

This is exactly where we come in, to help you meet the challenge and the opportunity that is presented. We will consult an plan strategies, and then design to accomplish the strategic plans and deliver the outcomes you seek.

It is our belief that it is in this point of difference that you will find the competitive advantage. Our design work is focussed on helping you work smarter, not harder.



 Design and Build Work


 Design Only Work


 Plans and Drawings



The variety of challenges that we have delivered includes 5 axis milling routers, and condom testing machine, doors for the tail wing of a Jumbo Jet, and lots of more normal projects.

Work Effectively

Working Hard is thought to be a virtue, however working effectively is a better option. This means you see the results for your efforts.

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property in drawings and concepts will reside with Barrington and Associates unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Our Logo


Our Logo reflects the design truth that much of what we deal with has to do with rectangles, triangles and circles and the way the work together.  It is by embracing the simplicity for form that we are able to develop new better solutions to complex problems


Australians All let us rejoice

Barrington and Associates is 100% Australian owned and operated.