What We Do

We resolve to be a solution orientated organisation. B&A will  consult, design, build, commission, install, warrant, inspect, advise and maintain your specialised Machinery. 

Why not take advantage of the benefits of specialist innovative design and incorporate machinery that is tailored to your needs, to focus on your competitive advantage. We build machinery to help you be competitive. Get a competitive advantage in process, with machinery that does have an exceptional price performance ratio.

Where We Work

We have a specialised facility in St Peters, NSW and a large part of the work we do is based in and around Sydney, however we have major clients and projects  in Queensland, Melbourne, Adelaide and New Zealand.

We will come to you, depending on the practicalities. Most project work will be undertaken in our factory where we are set up to do such work. Economics and practicalities will often decide what happens where.

Our Specialised Design Work Facility

Lake Macquarie from Swansea

When We Deliver

The answer we would like to give is when you want it. However the time and resource matrix can get in the way of this, and when we are developing new solutions, sometimes we will need to work with you until the problem is solved.  We try not to over promise in this area as we would rather over deliver.

Why We Do It - Why Choose Us

Why are we in this business? Because we are passionate about solutions that deliver excellent results for our clients. 

Why would you choose us? Because you want the best solution that can be achieved for your particular issue. Out of the box solutions so not work for most businesses because most businesses are not out of the box businesses.

Who Do We Serve

Our clients are people who need a solution to a machine, or mechanical issue in their business. We have produced a wide variety of solutions, each tailored to meet the particular needs of the situation the client found themselves faced with. Philosophically our clients are people who want us to work with them to resolve a problem, rather than simple to work for them.

Contact Info

Company Name
Barrington & Associates Pty Ltd
12 003 705 995
7 Read St
Bronte NSW 2024
Factory 4, Building 3
75 Mary Street
St Peters NSW 2044
0418 612 011
02 9369 1469
02 9519 3584


Special Purpose Machinery: designed to improve your business.

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property in drawings and concepts will reside with Barrington and Associates unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Project Work

Some of the projects we undertake for clients are one off speciality projects, often breaking new ground. This sort of work has to be do and charge, as the projects true specification unfolds as the work progresses.


Australians All let us rejoice

Barrington and Associates is 100% Australian owned and operated.